Foo Time

Foomap_1Only eleven days to Foo Camphere’s a map of where campers are travelling from and an aggregate feed of all campers’ blogs…I’m excited and anxious:

  • A Tale Of Two Lists – as well as the privilege of being a sophomore Foo, I also have the added pleasure of being a member of the TSA‘s No Fly list. I’ve no idea how I got on to either, both organisations seem to like retaining me as a member, but one is humbling, the other humiliating. Restrictions on carry-on luggage, might prevent me from travelling to the US at all 🙁
  • Don’t Kill Roomie – Sharing a room with Surj, I learned he’s not only hairy like the Blair Witch, but snores like a rusty buzzsaw; I almost tried to kill him with a pillow, but he has kids. So does Ian, Roomie 2006.
  • I’m Contributing – either a session on my mobile UI concept, Fingertip, or Believr, Carbon‘s take on Islamic social software. Last year, I was intimidated by the star power and intellect of other attendees…this year, I know some people there and I’ll be sharing 🙂

Today I found a picture of me grinning in the opening session and a photo of Jeff Bezos’ limo as Surj, Jim and I waited for our cab to the campus.

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