Exporting the FUTR to fix the present…

Last September, at a meeting of the National Media Museum's Internet Gallery advisory board, Drew Hemment asked me to develop the 2011 conference programme for FutureEverything. I played hard to get, but in honesty, I was flattered that Drew appreciated my work. Just last week we finalised this year's programme, a programme that without Greg Povey's […]

Startup Fictions & The Link Age {1995-2010}

After producing four editions of BarCamp Leeds between 2007 and 2010, I figured I should finally speak at one of my own events! I'd originally planned to host a screening of August as part of the LSx2010 fringe. A little known 2008 movie starring Josh Hartnett, that chronicles the ambitions of a pair of dotcom entrepreneurs. I couldn't clear the rights in time, so […]

The TED Gift Bag

TED conferences are famous for the complimentary gift bag distributed to each delegate upon registration. Not only are the bags replete with politically/ecologically-correct goodies, but the bags themselves aren't your usual cheap-ass branded schwag, but sourced from the likes of Timbuk2 and Rickshaw Bagworks…this year, TEDsters got very cool (and very large) Zero Messenger.  So […]

TED and me

I don't really remember where I first came across the TED conference but in recent years, I've quickly become hooked on the eponymous talks and, in recent months, TED seems to be serendipitously intersecting with my career in many wonderful ways… Earlier this year, Lee Bryant and I nominated Professor Salim Al-Hassani to the TED […]

eComm 2009: Emerging Communications Conference

Next week sees the opening of the second edition of eComm, taking place in Burlingame, just outside San Francisco. Like the 2008 edition – and its two predecessor conferences of the O'Reilly ETel franchise – I've been part of the advisory board, roping in interesting speakers and contributors working at the intersection of telecoms and […]

O’Reilly Ignite North

I've had a great, warm relationship with O'Reilly Media over the last half decade or so, hanging out at various ETech and Foo Camp events, striking up friendships with their people, helping plan both ETel conferences and contributing to Web2Expo Europe. Tim O'Reilly and I recently spoke about his background and it turns out his […]

Bruce Sterling @ Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign

…from March 2007; thanks Semiot! I first saw ‘Chairman Bruce‘ speak in San Diego at ETech 2006, though I’d followed his writing since I was a teenager. I’m always kinda confused when I hear his talks; Sterling can alternately poke fun at his own ideas, embarrass the audience that they’re buying into his ‘mental loops […]

Exposing the APIs of invisible things

Kati London was one of my favourite speakers at the ETel Fair in February 2007. Along with other ITP students, Kati saved our asses when a bunch of speakers fell ill and they were able to put together a replacement session showcasing projects such as Kati’s Botanicalls to those who’d missed the Fair. I was […]

ETech Day Two… (*very* rough notes)

Nat strolled though some of the rationale for this year’s ETech before handing off to Stanford’s John McCarthy – the inventor of lisp! Steve cousins, an open source platform for personal robotics…willow garage is an R&D lab for non-miltary robotics. impact before capital. components include navigation, object recognition, object map, manipulation. domesticon bot poses an […]


Wow – flying from Manchester to JFK and onto San Diego with no delays or interrogations? I almost don’t believe it…maybe America’s loosening up in anticipation of a new President, maybe it’s no longer realistic to put Husseins on the Do Not Fly list or perhaps I just got lucky 🙂 During the next few […]