eComm 2009: Emerging Communications Conference

eComm 2009
Next week sees the opening of the second edition of eComm, taking place in Burlingame, just outside San Francisco.

Like the 2008 edition – and its two predecessor conferences of the O'Reilly ETel franchise – I've been part of the advisory board, roping in interesting speakers and contributors working at the intersection of telecoms and social media – in design, human factors, hardware hacking and mobile.

This year, I'm very pleased to have brought in Smule's Ge Wang on Creating New Expressive Social Mediums on the iPhone and Distance Lab's Stefan Agamanolis on Slow Communication. Unfortunately, some speakers I'd really like to have provide a platform for, simply weren't available – Georgia Popplewell, MD of Global Voices, Cisco's Clive Grinyer, Cliff Kushler, co-creator of T9 and the guys behind Ushahidi, and 12seconds

Sadly, this year I won't be attending (I'll be on vacation in New York), but I've gifted my own pass to PhoneFromHere's Tim Panton and gave away complimentary pass to local geek Jonathan Powell, to raise money at the recent Leeds Twestival.

There'll certainly be a 2010 edition – and I'm hoping next year I'll be able to add to the platform again 🙂

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