Going Solo

Goingsolobadge150pxsquareStephanie Booth was the first person I met exclusively through Twitter. Steph met my friend Ian at a conference last year, she mentioned her grandmother was from Leeds and Ian suggested we meet next time she came to visit her family from Switzerland.

As a prolific blogger, and someone with an emotional bond with Leeds, Steph’s someone I’ve tried to stay involved with the city’s burgeoning geek culture. When she told me she had a new venture in mind, I couldn’t help be curious.

When she explained she was getting into the conference game I offered to help with a little advice and experience from my work on Design+, ETel, eComm and BarCamp Leeds.

I’m really stoked to see Steph announcing her first conference Going Solo – a one day symposium on freelancing – in Lausanne this coming May. It’s gonna be an insightful and fun day set in a beautiful location with a lotta good advice. Yay Steph! Please bring Going Solo to the UK sometime soon too 🙂

UPDATE: Steph is speaking at LIFT08 this week.


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