You Go Girl!


Maz, Linda and I started talking about a Leeds chapter of Sara Sarah Blow‘s Girl Geek Dinner a few months ago as a response to the modest turnout of women at tech/geek meetups in Yorkshire. We’d planned to shoot for January, then February filled up, so we figured March.

But we’ve been beaten by Valerie do Delonibus!

The North’s first Girl Geek Dinner is due to take place on 12th March in Manchester. Seriously, Valerie’s been thinking about this for some time and thanks to an introduction by Manoj, we all figured it’d be great to collaborate and run Leeds and Manchester events together. I hope we’ll be able to follow Valerie’s inaugural event with a GGD in April or May but I’m sure she’s gonna put together a great evening and I can’t wait to go 🙂

You can find out who else is attending at the Facebook group or register at the official site.


  1. 🙂 glad to hear Leeds is still on the cards. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more as and when the info’s available.
    Btw it’s Sarah with and h 😉
    Have fun and shout if you need me!


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