Best Two Minutes Of TV This Week…

Wow, just when it looked like BSG’s Razor minisodes were gonna be as dull as last year’s Resistance ‘webisodes’, we get a cracking dogfight… Best part? The chilling radio-borne screams of the Columbia‘s dying crew… { The soundtrack for season three was released today – Violence & Variations  is my standout piece }

I’m Jaman’

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of a visit at home from Jaman‘s European VP, Faisal Galaria along with his lovely Mum 🙂 Faisal was over from SF, visiting his family for Eid-ul-Fitr, so we figured it was a great chance to finally meet. Faisal grew up just a few miles from me, we’re from […]


TechCrunch namechecked DNAStream a few days ago in a round up of Joost copycat services. Though the DNAStream user experience is obviously inspired by Joost and picture quality is sub-YouTube, I kinda like DNAStream for a whole bunch of reasons… Firstly, users arriving at the site can start watching content and exploring channels without signing up […]

New Britannia

A little clunky in places, more an essay than a study, but Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain has a wonderful coda… it’s been a strange old story, a long march out of post-war austerity towards today’s swarming material profusion. For the last sixty years, Britain has been on the front line of change, From […]

Freeview – An API For Television?

There’s a phrase from Tom Loosemore’s No Program Left Behind at ETech07 that stuck with me… ‘Freeview is a pair of linked APIs he argues, DVB-T broadcast & the metadata (EPG)’. I agree…indeed last October, I started a dialogue with National Grid Wireless and Freeview’s Cary Wakefield and Adrian Mack, with a view to creating […]

A Command Line For Your TV

Sky now offer the ability to programme their Sky+ PVRs remotely via the web, SMS or a mobile application, using their Remote Record services. I love that the SMS options now essential provides a command line interface for television  – very geek 🙂 I wonder if mobile incantations such as ‘Cold Case. Sky1. 06/04. 11:30’ […]

Musharrafadama – Separated At Birth?

It’s not just the moustache and glasses, President Pervez Musharraf and Admiral William Adama have quite a few things in common… — Both led coup attempts against their civilian governments. Both men arrested and imprisoned their presidents, later granting them amnesty. Each has an uneasy alliance with an perceived enemy. Both are sceptical of religious […]

Battlestar Craptacular

Yesterday, SciFi channel debuted Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance, a series of ten ‘webisodes’ due to run twice weekly throughout September, prior to the premiere of BSG’s third season in October. I’m a huge fan of this show – the only SF show qualitatively on a par with the likes of The Sopranos and Six Feet […]

Inside This Movie

Whilst googling Stephen King’s Storm Of The Century, I stumbled upon some features of Amazon’s US site that I hadn’t noticed before. Amazon’s Inside This Book feature has, for some time, enabled customers to peek inside a book and look at a selection of scanned pages. Recently, this feature has been extended with the ability […]

Google Video Search – Now With Actual Video!

Google yesterday added video playback to its Video Search beta (earlier covered by Mark here) using the VLC-based Google Video Viewer. Video Search results now include a blue Play icon next to results with playable video content. Though such content is currently rare, ironically, searching on my first name will yield a playable clip! Clicking […]