Musharrafadama – Separated At Birth?

MusharrafadamaIt’s not just the moustache and glasses, President Pervez Musharraf and Admiral William Adama have quite a few things in common…

  • Both led coup attempts against their civilian governments.
  • Both men arrested and imprisoned their presidents, later granting them amnesty.
  • Each has an uneasy alliance with an perceived enemy.
  • Both are sceptical of religious leaders.
  • Both have led daring military raids.
  • Both have been the subject of assasination attempts, from within their inner circle.
  • Both have been involved in nuclear proliferation.
  • Both exist in societies where the military holds the keys to power.
  • One was created by a man called Ronald, the other fought in a war created by a man called Ronald.

And of course, both have great dialogue, written by talented American speechwriters 😉


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