TechCrunch namechecked DNAStream a few days ago in a round up of Joost copycat services. Though the DNAStream user experience is obviously inspired by Joost and picture quality is sub-YouTube, I kinda like DNAStream for a whole bunch of reasons…

Firstly, users arriving at the site can start watching content and exploring channels without signing up or downloading and installing client software. This is huge – you know what you’re getting within seconds of your arrival.

Secondly, I love the fact that DNAStream runs in a browser window – Joost, Jaman and others tend to run as full screen apps, so you can’t really multi-task while viewing less attention-consuming content. Of course, they face the same problems as iTunes, Joost and others – content just isn’t as rich as broadcast TV…usually limited to flagship shows, trailers, ads and some exclusive content.

What would I like to see? DNAstream with Flash Player 9 video quality and content from Freeview 🙂

Wait –  this is what I was building in 2003 for Wanadoo’s Project Bilbao!


  1. Will do! Thanks for the write up… how’d you like Paheli? That’s one of my favorites of the Bollywood films.
    – Danielle
    P.S. Thanks for pointing me at “How to Survive a Robot Uprising”! I have the sense that, in the very near future, we’ll have to battle our robot overlords. 🙂


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