meecard+Yuuguu @ FOWA Expo


At the beginning of August, I challenged a bunch of Northern startups to take up complimentary booths at the Future of Web Apps Expo.

Today, Blognation UK has a full roundup of exhibitors and I’m really pleased to see that two of the eleven (that’s 18%!) companies at Expo are from the North of England – Yuuguu and meecard, respectively based in Manchester and Sheffield. A few hours ago, Andy Mitchell, co-founder of meecard, was kinda enough to send me a thank you note 🙂

Yuuguumeecard and Yuuguu at FOWA are important precedents, particularly with FOWA’s international outlook, underlining the fact that London’s not the only place to to business for 2.0 entrepreneurs.

{ Disclosure – I’ve been a paid strategist/advisor for Yuuguu in the past }


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