A Command Line For Your TV

Sky now offer the ability to programme their Sky+ PVRs remotely via the web, SMS or a mobile application, using their Remote Record services. I love that the SMS options now essential provides a command line interface for television  – very geek 🙂

I wonder if mobile incantations such as ‘Cold Case. Sky1. 06/04. 11:30’ will someday be enriched with other CLI affectations such as shell scripting and pipes.

If TV platforms were more open, it’s possible to conceive of a time when emerging communication multiplexers like Twitter, Fingertip and Stikkit could provide rich signaling, communication and control interfaces for appliances such as TVs. Twittering Your Home no less.


Unfortunately, registering for Remote Record is tortuous, the web option isn’t enabled yet (because there’s no revenue stream?) and my SMS commands kept getting rejected…from the service description online, it sounds like real humans are interpreting the incoming commands!

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