My 7-Year Itch

Uhuh, itโ€™s true. After seven years in a relationship, itโ€™s usually time to see other people ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last Thursday , I became a civilian again, returning to a world where people pay for cellphones, where flights, trains and hotels cost money, laptops arenโ€™t free and the English language rules ๐Ÿ˜‰ I came to Freeserve in […]


Even though we stopped writing in July, I’m still a little sad that I’m closing up Pixelbox this evening, after two years, 500-odd posts and a modest 75’000 page views, averaging about 100/day. Pixelbox also ranked 611’863rd on Technorati. Pixelbox was France Telecom’s first public, corporate blog and a collaboration between Wanadoo’s Technology Research and […]

Orange Bill Of Rights

I’ve long believed that mobile operators, telcos and ISPs are well placed to resist the application of DRM and act to defend their users from rapacious copywrong enforcers. Last January, I listened to Rick Ringel’s VoIP Declaration of Independence talk at O’Reilly’s ETel* conference and was inspired to draw up an Orange Bill of Rights […]


Yes, yes – the 2.0 suffix is way overused. We (Orange) currently have 2.75m Livebox wireless routers installed in homes across Europe, with around 275’000 of those installed here in the UK. That looks like success, however we’re currently in the midst of a broadband price war; Sky, Orange and Carphone Warehouse have driven the […]

Unintentional Fruit

There appears to be an unintentional easter egg in our new TV ad, 42 seconds in there’s an Apple! It’d be great to see an Apple+Orange partnership (think of the branding puns!) but maybe I’m just seeing what I wanna see…

Life’s Better When It’s Open…

the future’s bright…mobile & broadband broadband MSN Messenger let me chat to Alistair and Mohsin about our new ad. broadband YouTube let me publish the ad. mobile Shazam identifed the soundtrack (Oceansize’s Music for a Nurse). Lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ broadband iTunes let me download the track. broadband Typepad enabled me to blog this post. broadband + […]