Orange Bill Of Rights

Orange_bill_of_rights_1I’ve long believed that mobile operators, telcos and ISPs are well placed to resist the application of DRM and act to defend their users from rapacious copywrong enforcers.

Last January, I listened to Rick Ringel’s VoIP Declaration of Independence talk at O’Reilly’s ETel* conference and was inspired to draw up an Orange Bill of Rights – of course this isn’t endorsed by my employers, but it helps to pse some provocative and demanding questions of the role of telco in the 21st century; perhaps as guardians of the consumer and of culture.

So I mutually pledge to you my Vision, Standards and Sacred Interoperability 🙂

Download Rick’s Declaration of Network Independence (286kb PPT)

* Full disclosure – I was on the ETel 2006 programme committee 🙂

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