Pixelbox2006_1Even though we stopped writing in July, I’m still a little sad that I’m closing up Pixelbox this evening, after two years, 500-odd posts and a modest 75’000 page views, averaging about 100/day. Pixelbox also ranked 611’863rd on Technorati.

Pixelbox was France Telecom’s first public, corporate blog and a collaboration between Wanadoo’s Technology Research and Design departments. A team of fifteen design and innovation professionals chronicled their observations of the design industry, technological developments and the work of inspirational artists and design practitioners; kinda like a mini-Boing Boing for designers 🙂

From Eddy’s long, serious political observations to Key’s perma-stream of microposts, it was a lotta fun seeing everyone trying to find their voice. Indeed, some contributor’s bonusses were tied to how much they posted. I’ve just spend the best part of a day, republishing my own contributions to my personal blog…I was just behind Rich and Key in volume of posts!

Most of the team have moved on to launch po-bo, to bring together designers from what was Wanadoo and the existing mobile teams in Orange UK. Me? I’ll be leaving Orange in three days time – yay!

Pixelbox is dead; long live po-bo!


  1. Hello – I created pobo and it is FAB
    It has been password protected lately but we are unrestricting it again v soon – it is no longer being hijacked as a corporate tool and is a true blog once more. Phew


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