It’s like a photo, but it moves!

Here’s my first Flickr video – from a visit to Boston in 2002 🙂 There’s been a lotta whining and grousing about the launch of video for Flickr Pro users today, with criticism largely polarising around the 90-second limit or elitist fears of a YouTube-style pollution of the pristine Flickr community. I  these concerns will […]


Twitterstats is a useful find from Fred Wilson, via Carl at Ensembli; enabling a Twitter user to visualise the usage patterns, simply by entering their screenname. So what do the stats tell me about my own use… May, October and January appear to be my peak usage months; not much to be inferred here other […]

meecard+Yuuguu @ FOWA Expo

At the beginning of August, I challenged a bunch of Northern startups to take up complimentary booths at the Future of Web Apps Expo. Today, Blognation UK has a full roundup of exhibitors and I’m really pleased to see that two of the eleven (that’s 18%!) companies at Expo are from the North of England […]

Blogger’s Guilt…

So, it’s been almost two months since I posted for O’Reilly and Corante, so I figured I should pull my finger out… Haptic Messaging Phones Are People Too Over The Air Talktiva See you in October 😉

Dopplr – Travel & Serendipity

I’ve been tinkering with Dopplr for a couple months and I’ve found it to be an app that embodies much of what I’m liking about digital design at the moment. I’m not traveling enough right now to really benefit from Dopplr’s  ‘increased serendipity’, but I love to just play with Dopplr, exploring aimlessly…the same kinda […]


Sadly, the chain of events which led to Sam’s dismissal from TechCrunch UK continued to have repercussions that unfortunately overshadowed the conference itself… Michael Arrington, proprietor of the CrunchNetwork decided to put TCUK on hold, locking out Sam, Mike Butcher and contributors like myself without any warning…though I later managed to recover my password, I […]

Money Walks

The newly redesigned Zopa site, includes a cute visualisation of the service’s borrowers and lenders. Designed by Poke, the visualisation emphasises the person-to-person nature of Zopa’s communal banking – humanising loans for its customers. I remember the ultra-cute Israeli IM service, Odigo, included a similar feature showing a ‘radar’ of all Odigo user’s at a […]

FitTorrent & Flabbr

Mark and I have just proposed a pair of Web 2.0 peer-to-peer health and fitness services… FitTorrent – share the burn! Flabr – Namaste/Hola/’Allo/Salaam/Shalom lardass! VC funding’s on the way…

“I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night”

Echoing the Onion’s I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night parody of Martin Luther King, I actually did have a very weird dream last night – I dreamt of a locative media application that would plot Yeti/Bigfoot/Nessie sightings onto maps, utilising the wisdom of crowds and predictive markets to anticipate the location of future […]