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I’ve been tinkering with Dopplr for a couple months and I’ve found it to be an app that embodies much of what I’m liking about digital design at the moment.

I’m not traveling enough right now to really benefit from Dopplr’s  ‘increased serendipity’, but I love to just play with Dopplr, exploring aimlessly…the same kinda pleasure derived from using OS X, the iPod interface or the clean utility of the Google home page.

Dopplr’s design is an elegant embodiment of simplicity and utility…the kind of simplicity embodied by Maeda’s Laws and we wish to employ in both Believr and mee:view. I hope we’ll do as good a job as Matt Jones, Dopplr’s Director of Design. Matt spoke about some of the influences in Dopplr’s design at Reboot 9.0  – Travel & Serendipity


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