Folksonomies and tagsonomies continue to inspire new services with the launch of grat.uito.us – which, ironically, I discovered from Joshua Schacter’s del.icio.us bookmarks!

grat.uito.us lets users compile a wishlist of tagged items that they’d like to receive as gifts. Their lists can be kept private or shared using RSS and limited social network features…I inaugurated my grat.uito.us wish list with a Powerbook 🙂

I’ve often thought of del.icio.us as a social filing system with a single file format – the bookmark; elsewhere Flickr has done the same for images, 43 Things for personal goals, Ta-da List for tasks

Each of these services has reinvented an otherwise prosaic application or file format – a social filing system that could support any data format, coupled with the social networking and syndication features we have come to expect, could prove to be a fluid, powerful and intuitive alternative to the upcoming Apple Spotlight and Microsoft WinFS filing systems.

Indeed Google, Yahoo and others may be better placed than traditional OS vendors in shaping the next generation of file storage and retrieval…perhaps I should add a Social Filing System to my grat.uito.us wish list 🙂

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