Second Wardrobe

MeezCute. allows users to construct and export avatars for use in online communities, IM clients, blogs and other social software; kinda like a super-Stortrooper. is carrying a video review of the service today.

The image on the right, is the best approximation of myself I could construct without joining Meez (or losing weight); incidentally the background is the Palace Of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco 🙂

After losing a month of my life to Knights of the Old Republic in Summer 2005, I’ve shied away from online gaming, immersive-addictive MMOGs and digital worlds like Second Life.

However, dressing and configuring my avatar to look as much like me as possible in the Meezmall raised an interesting question…how much of a business is there for fashion brands – like FCUK, Levis and others – to sell digital equivalents of their ranges to avatar providers? Could the success of WoW and Second Life drive a massive secondary economy?


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