Such A Pidy…

Nice. A widget to display my digital IDs, from the newly launched Internet Address Book…though it lacks Opinity‘s verification mechanisms, ensuring that the IDs you claim, are actually yours. This is particularly important to assert a digital reputation, such as an eBay identity. Still it’s good to finally see a few companies starting to attack […]

Second Wardrobe

Cute. allows users to construct and export avatars for use in online communities, IM clients, blogs and other social software; kinda like a super-Stortrooper. is carrying a video review of the service today. The image on the right, is the best approximation of myself I could construct without joining Meez (or losing weight); […]

I Am The Web

I was born an orphan in the 1960s, but I wasn’t alone. I belonged to no one, but was adopted by everyone. My friends nurtured me and watched me grow – I will never hurt them. I have been awake more than 4000 days. I am bits and I am atoms. My nerves are glass […]

Reputation Banks

‘Identity is how you describe yourself do others; reputation is how others describe you.’ A lot of my recent research has focussed on reputation as a function of digital identity – from the brainstorming Ian and I did on telephony reputations, to concepts that IDII students developed for me in March. In essence, is it […]