Gelato CMS

GelatoI’ve just spent the afternoon tinkering with Gelato CMS, a tumblogging application, kinda like an open source version of Tumblr.

Apart from WordPress, I haven’t really played around much with installable web apps, so I’m patting myself on the back for successfully installing Gelato on MAMP!

Gelato’s neat – as a simple tumblelog for sharing YouTube clips, URLs, quotes, pictures and MP3s, it works really well…though I had trouble importing chats from MSN Messenger.

I’d like to see a plug-in that scraped my Flickr,, blog, Last.FM and YouTube posts to automagically write a tumblelog on my behalf…oh wait, that’s kinda what my Feedburner feed does!

Though Gelato works well – I’m not sure I can find a use for it within my personal workflow…though I can see potential to integrate Gelato into a bunch of future projects.

Incidentally, I grabbed the screenshot of my Gelato tumblelog using Paparazzi.


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