Microblogging: Tiny Social Objects

Jaiku’s Jyri Engestrom‘s recent presentation at reboot 9.0 orients successful social networks around ‘social objects’ – such as Flickr’s photos, del.icio.us’ bookmarks and MySpace’s music and five principles for building such services… Define your {social} object. Define your verbs. Make your object sharable. Turn invitations into gifts. Charge the publishers not the spectators. All very […]

Gelato CMS

I’ve just spent the afternoon tinkering with Gelato CMS, a tumblogging application, kinda like an open source version of Tumblr. Apart from WordPress, I haven’t really played around much with installable web apps, so I’m patting myself on the back for successfully installing Gelato on MAMP! Gelato’s neat – as a simple tumblelog for sharing […]

Blogger’s Guilt – Cured!

Back in the saddle… TSVP – Téléphone s’il vous plaît Phoney Records Doormail Hand(se0 Signals… Thanks for listening 🙂

Blogger’s Guilt…

So, it’s been almost two months since I posted for O’Reilly and Corante, so I figured I should pull my finger out… Haptic Messaging Phones Are People Too Over The Air Talktiva See you in October 😉

Corante: Mobile Messaging 2.0

I just finished up my first trio of posts for Corante and Airwide’s Mobile Messaging 2.0 blog Locative Messaging and MIT’s Mobile Experience Lab ITP Spring Show 2007 Twittularity I’ll also be covering the Global Messaging 2007 conference for Corante next week, in Monte Carlo 🙂


Sadly, the chain of events which led to Sam’s dismissal from TechCrunch UK continued to have repercussions that unfortunately overshadowed the conference itself… Michael Arrington, proprietor of the CrunchNetwork decided to put TCUK on hold, locking out Sam, Mike Butcher and contributors like myself without any warning…though I later managed to recover my password, I […]

How Much Is My Blog Worth…

…£ 5505! That’s more that I would’ve thought! So what’s the valuation on all those other blogs that I’ve written for… TechCrunch UK ($ 218477) ETel ($ 79035) Pixelbox ($ 3387) The figure for TCUK sounds pretty accurate – accounting for two co-editors as well as some overheads and expenses. You can find out more […]


Even though we stopped writing in July, I’m still a little sad that I’m closing up Pixelbox this evening, after two years, 500-odd posts and a modest 75’000 page views, averaging about 100/day. Pixelbox also ranked 611’863rd on Technorati. Pixelbox was France Telecom’s first public, corporate blog and a collaboration between Wanadoo’s Technology Research and […]

Second Voice – Telephony In Virtual Worlds

I just posted my first contribution to O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony blog; a short piece on how voice applications might be added to Second Life. I’m thinking about some more articles exploring… how mobility is changing social+cultural patterns and how current products and services don’t really assist. some commentary on mobile product design, framed around Maeda’s […]

Battlestar Craptacular

Yesterday, SciFi channel debuted Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance, a series of ten ‘webisodes’ due to run twice weekly throughout September, prior to the premiere of BSG’s third season in October. I’m a huge fan of this show – the only SF show qualitatively on a par with the likes of The Sopranos and Six Feet […]