ETech Day One… (rough notes)

Saul Griffith – Energy Literacy, IoV!

Your Cellphone Is Your Controller – megaphone, making digital signage interactice

Eric Rodenback onstage from Stamen Design walking through various visualisations from Stamen’s portfolio – oakland crime maps, london olympics travel times and property/cummuting vectors

Sun’s chief gaming officer – gamers are raising gamers…it’s not a new market, 40 years old!
server tech is designer ‘per game’ not built for scale or sustainability. Darkstar, game and client agnostic. Is sun the marlgest MMO operator through their work on Wall Street? project wonderland, virtual worlds for collaboration, help the video game industry grow, leverage standards – remove barriers for new content and experience to emerge, since people play games on their consoles and cellphones, and even ifyou have problems with your cellphone, you can get Cell Phone Repair Hamilton to help you with this.

multitouch displays in the real world, elizabeth f. churchill from yahoo research; how do you provode serendipity, encoutering and peripheral participation..window shopping in physical and virtual spaces, browsing and reading, talking, showing, responding to camera – similar to iCom project from MIT. is there something in a mashup between matt webb’s glancing and a closed bonjour-like network?

coffee with matt biddulph and brianbehldehoff – travel ppl?

bumped into raffi!

tap is the new click – dan saffer – wii, iphone, MBA, PS3 – generally touchscreen or freeform, do u need a gest UI (not for heavy data input), reliance on physical and visual feedback

lunch with nokia guy, mckinsey and also brian the airline software guy

green nano and the holy grail R. Stanley Williams, HP Senior Fellow. climate modellers need a zetaflop computer, that’s be the size of paris and the world’s biggest polluter! maybe exaflop by 2018 (using all current tricks)? but zettaflop will require a diff way to compute. the human brain is 100m gigaflops at 10W – computing can be more efficient! photonics and nanoswitches will hybridise with silocon to increase performance without volume and power.  multiple nanowire layers could create dense synaptic computers

sufficiently uable platform will attract porn – then activism

rise of user generated swiftboating, planespotting the tunisian president on google earth, raise the social cost of censorship (blocking removes cute cats too!) – Censor the web by keywords, URLs, DNS and IPs

The Cute Cat Theory Talk at ETech

bahrain-y land distribution by emailed PDF – understanding who owns what land

twittering – put up my free alla website’ if im not out from the cops within 6 hours

100m sub-saharan phones – cant overstate importance of phones as a light platform for activism and blogging

china can’t afford to block gmail, skype and MMOGs – how will OLPC impact?

lolcats are a strange problem – limited mostly to the US and europe – how can u use this kinda virality. dont build tools for activistm, theywont use them.

is there a dimension for innovation that amateurs can apply in robotics – the minimum UAV project! sticking with a 2d problem (stabilisation done) made with lego windows mobile GPS, camera, WAN for navigation, imaging and text commands for MMS!

temporal resolution rather than high rsolution – ‘ground truth’ – plane crashed in federal lab at berkely national lab. now have a homeland security record!

using ms flightsim to program GPS paths into the flight computer! use it to find parking spots in SD! shaed UAV missions? good for dull, dirty and dangerous jobs – like traffic copters, agriculture, ground truth in disaster areas

my daughter’s DNA – clinical data, literature, knowledge bases, experts, dna sequences, primers, services, software!

software tools usable bymany more, an interpretive engine for individual patient findings, integrative diagnostics, cholesterol plus sequence data? engage the patient or parent as partners – educate, enable and emply!

Ed and Jimmy at Exhibit Hall reception

After Hours Disney Party – ABC and Disney executives, Lost HD, interactive lounge, demos. Looking up primaries on public displays. Bumped into EFF Danny and Eric Rodenback, Olympic project and London office.

EFF fundraiser honoring Mitchell Baker – turned and dumped flyer on table she was standing at!

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