Crudy Giuliani…

…is ‘Ready‘.

A hateful, cynical and manipulative movie trailer (‘…a people perverted’?) or a political ad from a candidate who could only get a 6% election erection?


  1. I agree but hopefully Obama will prevail. Given that some of my ancestors – living and dead – were involved in the IRA throughout “The Troubles” I understand that it is easy to paint all people in the same bold colour.
    The Provos and Catholics were called dogs back in the 70s and early 80s.
    The reality is that there are lots of very subtle colours in the palette out of which will come love and understanding.
    I look at Northern Ireland now and believe there is always a way to brotherhood…
    Sorry if tat sounds pompous

  2. @ian – I actually think messages like Giuliani’s aren’t gonna play well with the US electorate in this cycle…it’ll appeal to elements of the GOP base perhaps, but America’s mind is on things closer to home. Though I guess any number of incidents can change that…
    @edward – I hope so!


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