Crudy Giuliani…

…is ‘Ready‘. A hateful, cynical and manipulative movie trailer (‘…a people perverted’?) or a political ad from a candidate who could only get a 6% election erection?


From a review of Michael Moore’s Sicko, at… When Moore interviews Tony Benn, a leading figure on the British left, his larger concerns come into focus. Benn argues that for-profit healthcare and the other instruments of the corporate state, like student loans and bottomless credit-card debt, perform a crucial function for that state. They […]

President Iraq Hussein Osama

…ahem, I mean President Barack Hussein Obama…he’s running.


Just two days before the arrests of the alleged Toothpaste Terrorists in August, UK Home Secretary John Reid made a speech about sacrificing civil liberties in support of national security. The suspects had been tracked for several months, so the timing of Reid’s speech was deeply manipulative; emphasising an urgent, imminent threat that simply did […]

West Banksy

Cheeky. Today BBC News covered Banksy’s alternative guerilla attack on Israel’s ‘security fence’ (see Art prankster sprays Israeli wall). Along various sections of the fence, Banksy’s trip to the ‘ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers’ has punctured the fence with: An Alpine view from a lounge and Idyllic scenery showing through holes at Bethlehem […]