City of the future (and past)

Gaudinyc Dean wrote…

Interesting collection of images here, of alternate images of New York. The images show what the place could have looked like had certain events took place, either in ‘real life’ or in fantasy. Images are taken from films (AI, Metropolis), and architectural designs, etc.

What’s most intriguing is Gaudi’s hotel design, which would have stood proudly incongruous on New York’s skyline, had it got the go ahead. Makes you proud to be British, now that more and more daring buildings are popping up, like Birmingham’s Bull Ring and The Gherkin in London.

The New York that might have been


  1. I thought about doing something similar and started with NEw Chigaco of Buck Rogers (
    However, it’d be nice to see a more comprehensive archive of alternate city visions, like the LA of Blade Runner, San Angeles in Demolition Man, Minority Report’s DC and of course NYC as seen in Fifth Element, Escape From Manhattan and countless other movies 🙂


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