Wow – flying from Manchester to JFK and onto San Diego with no delays or interrogations? I almost don’t believe it…maybe America’s loosening up in anticipation of a new President, maybe it’s no longer realistic to put Husseins on the Do Not Fly list or perhaps I just got lucky 🙂 During the next few […]


My Dad just told me Pakistan’s first astronaut, Namira Salim, would be flying with NASA in 2009. I quipped ‘only if she’s not carrying any liquids, gels, shampoos or lip gloss‘. However upon closer examination, the story is sadly not of a Pakistani scientist or engineer reaching the pinnacle of her career, but simply the […]

Aerial Blogging

Blogging at 40’000 feet. Neat. I’m using Boeing’s Connexion wifi service, onboard Lufthansa LH435 from Chicago O’Hare to Munich (that’s a story for a later post, I’ve missed five connections in the last week!). Connexion is soon to be closed, so like John Dunbar, I wanted to see the frontier before it was gone. I’ve […]


Chris Masters, one of our senior designers at Orange is currently travelling from London to Ulaanbaatar. Chris is travelling with a satellite phone from which he’s periodically texting a particular email address; the mail server parses the email for GPS coordinates and plots them onto a Google map (I think it’s generating KMZs too). His […]

Transit Ghost

This year I’ve travelled through three continents, seven countries, fourteen cities and ten hotels; between 21st January and 12th April my longest stay in the UK was nineteen days… 11004 miles in January (Manchester-London-SanFrancisco-London-Manchester) 7020 miles in February (Manchester-Dubai-Manchester) 12280 miles in March (Manchester-Chicago-SanDiego-Vancouver-Chicago-Manchester) [1] 9823 miles in April (Manchester-Islamabad-Lahore-Karachi-Lahore-Karachi-London) [2] 1450 miles in May […]