It’s like a photo, but it moves!

Here’s my first Flickr video – from a visit to Boston in 2002 🙂 There’s been a lotta whining and grousing about the launch of video for Flickr Pro users today, with criticism largely polarising around the 90-second limit or elitist fears of a YouTube-style pollution of the pristine Flickr community. I  these concerns will […]


A couple weekends ago, I took some visiting family to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Later that day I geotagged my photos of the trip before uploading to Flickr. Whilst exploring other photos taken in the vicinity I came across a charming phenomenon called Photobombing. Photobombing is essentially the act of attaching printed photographs […]

Rooftop Terrorism

I’m always flattered when someone mistakes me for a terrorist – from people shooting funny looks at me wearing my keffiyah in Winter, to regular interviews with US Customs, Homeland Security and people in airport gasping when they hear Urdu speakers dropping ‘terrorist’ into a conversation with my parents; I can now add NCP cap […]

Beautiful Serendipity

Crossing the bridge to Granville Island in Vancouver last March, I spotted a cute sticker that read You Are Beautiful and snapped a photo. Several months later, a stranger leaves a comment on my photo linking to a photo of themselves at that very location – just a few hours after I was there! More […]

Photo, Mine!

Flying back from Paris in June, I managed to shoot some lovely aerial photos of Leeds as we descended into Leeds-Bradford airport. One of the images – took me some time to identify,; eventually user annotations on Google Earth identified it as the St. Aidans opencast mine, flooded a few years ago when the River […]