A couple weekends ago, I took some visiting family to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Later that day I geotagged my photos of the trip before uploading to Flickr. Whilst exploring other photos taken in the vicinity I came across a charming phenomenon called Photobombing.

Photobombing is essentially the act of attaching printed photographs to public places and leaving their corresponding geotagged digital equivalents at public web sites such as Flickr. I guess it’s basically the inverse of geotagging, rather than tagging a digital map with digital photos, you tag a physical place with real photos 🙂

There’s the seed of a great web app here, mashing up something like BookCrossing with Moo…check out the photobombing map, Flickr page and ‘official’ blog.

This is as close I’ve got to dropping a photobomb…in Vancouver, Spring 2006!


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