One of the things I love about my Mac is the  ‘All Windows’ feature of Exposé. I’ve gotten into the habit of squeezing my Mighty Mouse‘s side buttons to invoke Exposé, but y’know that’s only for application windows. With most of my day spend inside various web applications, what’d I’d find really useful is for […]

Open Source: A Northern Way

Last week, OpenGRC‘s Jason Woodruff convened the inaugural meeting of the Northern Open Source Interest Group. The discussion brought together the UK’s three Northern regional development agencies, Leeds Met University and some interested industry people; including me 🙂 The group sought to understand the state of open source across the North of England as well […]

This Better Be Good…

…’cos papa needs a brand new phone (and a laptop).

Clickstop Computing

About a year ago I read a pair of articles that got me thinking about how much time I spend online and whether I use that time productively… You There, at the Computer- Pay Attention Why I’m giving up broadband Coupled with the recent uptick in writing about the Attention Economy, I’ve noticed that there’s […]

Test! Blogging from Word

This is a test post from my beta edition of Word 2007 – finally a blogging client for my Typepad account! Blogging from Word 2007 has it’s limitations – no inline images, you can’t import a previously publisehd post and it’s not really an editor, simply a publishing feature. Nevertheless, next time I’m blogging a […]

Tag-tical Awareness

Back in January 2005, as Flickr and del.icio.us drove the adoption of tags, Brian Dear speculated (as did I) on the emergence of federated tagging; a Google for your tags – Taggle. Now, eighteen months later tags are everywhere – Technorati, Flickr, del.icio.us, 43 Things, Gmail, Vox, YouTube, Ning, Last.FM and our very own Simpatico, […]

Dual Core Apple

So it’s true – but in all the press coverage, I’ve yet to see someone make the obvious dual-core Apple pun. Shame on you tech press.