Exposing the APIs of invisible things

Kati London was one of my favourite speakers at the ETel Fair in February 2007. Along with other ITP students, Kati saved our asses when a bunch of speakers fell ill and they were able to put together a replacement session showcasing projects such as Kati’s Botanicalls to those who’d missed the Fair. I was […]

West Banksy

Cheeky. Today BBC News covered Banksy’s alternative guerilla attack on Israel’s ‘security fence’ (see Art prankster sprays Israeli wall). Along various sections of the fence, Banksy’s trip to the ‘ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers’ has punctured the fence with: An Alpine view from a lounge and Idyllic scenery showing through holes at Bethlehem […]

PSP The Beautiful Script

Ali’s work for Sony’s UK launch of the PSP finally debuted at the Dray Walk Gallery as part of the PSP The Beautiful Script exhibition. I was in London for a few meetings yesterday and decided to catch the show while it was still running…I’ve uploaded my photos of the event, and the area around […]