PSP The Beautiful Script

Ali’s work for Sony’s UK launch of the PSP finally debuted at the Dray Walk Gallery as part of the PSP The Beautiful Script exhibition.

I was in London for a few meetings yesterday and decided to catch the show while it was still running…I’ve uploaded my photos of the event, and the area around Brick Lane, to my Flickr account.

Earlier today Ali and I were riffing on Sony’s motivation to align the work of emerging British Islamic artists with the PSP launch…and we still couldn’t figure it out! Either, the British Muslim demographic is hugely desirable to Sony or they see urban art such as Ali’s being close the brand values for PSP?

In either case, seeing the artists work slideshow on a kiosk’d PSP I understood the themes of freedom, beauty and desire as embodied by the aesthetic of the PSP…and, as a Muslim, its simply flattering to know that someone somewhere in Sony drew a connecting line between those aesthetics and Islam 🙂


  1. Pretty cool that Islam have more and more exposure. It’s nice to see that getting the word out is not just limited to newspapers and magazines alone. And now it’s on PSP!. Here’s another PSP with islamic content called The Raise. Developed by my classmates in MMU, Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
    (you can now read the Quran on PSP too. you have turn turn the PSP over though)


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