Upcoming… OpenCoffee Leeds {Duo}

Opencoffee We’re back! After the runaway success of Leeds’ first OpenCoffee event, we knew we had to do it again…there were too many people we didn’t get a chance to connect with and we wanna make that right as well as meet some more friendly faces 🙂

Whitson Group CEO Justin Whiston has kindly offered the use of the Loftart gallery space on Vicar Lane in the City (photo)- as well as free wifi, coffee and cakes! Thanks Justin – we owe you.

We managed to get 27 people out for OpenCoffee {Uno} and found there was a real buzz in the room. Loftart can accommodate many more, so i’m hoping you’ll all help us get those numbers up…geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest in digital – come share+demo+network 🙂

Head on over to the event page at Upcoming and let us know you’re coming…see you in a couple weeks!


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