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TrippyAfter learning about the Nokia Sports Tracker almost a month ago, I finally managed to get it working. Apparently, there was a stray folder on my phone’s memory card which meant the application shut down each time I tried to record a GPS track.

The software is clunky, but the integration with Google Earth is almost magical. On the way home from last Friday’s Ensembli board meeting, I flipped open the app and recorded my route home, including a detour to see my cousin Aisha. Curiously, at both ends of the trip, the GPS track goes crazy – I wonder if radio-bounces in an urban or indoor environment cause this?

Yesterday, returning from a friend’s wedding in Birmingham, I recorded a track along the M6, M62 and the North edge of the Peak District. Winding through a few Pennine valleys didn’t seem to cause any problems, but around two-and-a-half hours of continuous use resulted in a crash, losing the track north-west of Oldham.

Google Earth pulls a few interesting facts outta the KML file, including the highest point at 472m in the Pennines, the lowest at 62m just outside Warrington and the fastest 88mph on the M6, west of Stafford (that’s definitely too low!).

So what’s next? The Apple iTrack? Sometime in 2010, I’ll be loading my BMW CS Concept‘s integrated Apple iTrack with a drivemix of people’s favourite routes through the Lake District…setting it to autopilot and sitting back to enjoy the scenery 🙂


  1. I’m having the same problem with Sports Tracker too so it would be useful if you could let everyone know how you resolved this. There are no help files to resolve this issue with the GPS and Sports Tracker on the web; that I can find anyway. Thanks in advance

  2. Sorry to litter your comments but I think I’ve solved the problem that David and I posted the questions about. There was a stray folder on my memory card called “Sports Tracker”. I removed this and it solved the problem. Thought I’d post the resolution in case anyone else is wracking their brains over this.

  3. I run sports Tracker on my new Nokia E72. It runs fine, and even records my trip (did it for a three hour drive). But when I go to my ‘Trip Diary’, it just shuts down! No message, no noise; just quite exit! Any idea why this could be happening? The problem is, unless I go to diary, I cannot create a KML, and hence cannot view my trip on Google Earth!
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. Found the solution: I was using the wrong version of Sports Tracker. Since E72 was not yet a listed phone on the Nokia Sports Tracker site, I chose what I thought was the nearest: E71. That is wrong! From a OS and Feature Pack perspective, N96 or E55 is similar to E72. So, when I downloaded the N96 version, Sports Tracker worked on my E72.


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