Taking A Moment

Blindcamera This is interesting. Sascha Pohflepp’s Buttons project doesn’t capture images, but time stamps which are later used to retrieve photos taken by other people at the same moment. It’d be interested to extend the camera to capture location too.

Pohflepp’s ‘blind camera’ is the latest in a series of really simple devices that capture a context, later used as a key to wider sets of information…

  • Sony’s now defunct eMarker allowed users to ‘bookmark’ songs they were hearing on a radio station. The time stamp would then be used to interrogate a programme guide and identify the song…kinda like a proto-Shazam.
  • Cuecats, QRs and Semacodes have enabled contexts to be connected directly to the digital world.
  • Sony’s GPS-CS1 captures location and time information for later application to locative services.
  • Keep an eye on Meeview.tv 😉

I wonder if the notion of taking a picture will evolve into one of taking a moment – embedding a number of concurrent events and parameters inside a piece of media and connecting it to wider ‘momentosphere’. That sounds like a spimey blogject to me…

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