Star Trek

SpockkirkI should be depressed. I should be indignant. I should be angry.

Alongside Bruce Wayne, James Tiberius Kirk was my fictional childhood hero, how can anyone, anyone but The Shat play Kirk?? Oddly, though Batman has been played by countless brilliant, middling and appalling actors, my fanboy-ity for Batman has remained undiminished. But Kirk is Shatner and can only be played by someone with a suitably monstrous ego!

And yet, I feel no Kirk Anxiety watching the trailer for JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek. I just want to squee with fanboy excitement when I see the shiny-shiny production design, the billion-fireflies transporter FX and Michael Giacanno‘s screechy Lost-esque strings – so, in the opening desert chase, what’re the huge buildings in the distance and what’s with the giant quarry?

Regardless, seeing the new Kirk and Spock together, as above, fills me with excitement and perhaps shows that the iconic Kirk can be inhabited by a new actor…let’s just hope he can still do this, this, that, this and this 😉



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