Some random ideas that came out of a chat with Aaron yesterday…

  • A variant of Terrapass that pays all contributions into an international publically owned and operated fund/trust/PAC for alternative energy issues.
  • Smarter Buy It Now, Add To Shopping Basket, or Checkout buttons that show how much money you have in your account in a tooltip…of course you need an API to your bank account.
  • Banking events as RSS feeds or some other form of notification stream. Warning me of overdraft events, credit limits – I wonder if such information, presented at the right point, could bring down US and UK consumer debt levels?
  • Better online banking – the ability to tag, sort and organise transactions for  receipts, savings folders, intentions – ‘put £100 in my Saving for a Macbook folder’ – could such ‘intentions’ be used to drive affiliate programmes? Aaron tells me that this is what Marc Hedlund is working on at Wesabe.
  • An IM client that’d automagically blog interesting conversations like this one 🙂

We finished with a quick chuckle at one of the new Apple ads…

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