OpenCoffee Leeds {Uno}

Opencoffee_leedsWow. Yesterday’s inaugural OpenCoffee Leeds got a turnout of twenty-seven people, much higher than I hoped and enough diversity for a palpable buzz in the room! Starbucks was kind enought to let us use a small meeting room, but with so many attendees, OpenCoffee rapidly filled the first floor of Leeds’ largest Starbucks 🙂

The rich blend </groan> of students, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, developers and artists included…

Andy  related that everyone who I bumped into, the verdict was very
positive. That’s what I like about these things – nobody thinks there
will be interest, someone takes a risk, and lo & behold, it turns
out there are plenty of people looking for community. So
{Uno} also got a shout out on a couple attendee blogs –
Inaugural OpenCoffee Leeds and Northern Grit and coffee make a good mix.

Ian Pringle, Gang Lu, the Plusnet guys and I broke off for a separate meeting to discuss how we can bring our collective experience to help creat a sustainable tech ecosphere across the five major cities of the North.

An interesting side discussion between Tom, Ben and Steve led to a ‘games corner’ as attendees related their interests in the local videogames ecosphere.

All in all, a great start – I hope we can sustain the momentum for next month’s event as we build up to BarCamp Leeds later this Summer…

{ Flickr photos here… }


  1. Thanks for running OCL, Imran – it was a great event and I’m glad I made the journey over.
    (it’s, by the way, not .com… something I’m still a little bitter about!)

  2. mmm I’m not suprised that there are no girls listed here, but next time I may drag myself and another glam chick down there – we have brains too, beneath the startling good looks. We were the first to get Imran to use ghd straighteners. Can’t wait for some coffee and cake action, yeah!


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