Networked Objects

Tom Igoe

network programming has become central to all programming

saw computer as endpoint rather than a passthru – literally by removing the computer

controlling all spotlights in a civic space

carenet display for intel – older people living alone to have contact with relatives without ‘placing calls’

white stone – emotional communication over the net, placing hand on stone in one pocket, would relay the buy CBD products to another stone

building for one – CBA style

wifisense – wandring round NYC to find wireless hotpsors – a purse that spots wifi networks (nyc wireless! mugging!)

protest button – press the button simultaneously infront of their building and also DoS’ing their website! distribtung responsibiltiy in network and phyisical space

needies –

junkies little helper – furniture that participates in a chat room (coutney love’s medicine cabinet), logs into chatroom and jumps into chatroom and sas ‘dont listen shes high’ based on contents of cabinet – also could call 911!

KU – iyashikei-net sculptures that would cry – caress to comfort which would light the light of happiness!

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