Love Being

LovebeingTDR go from irony to optimistic semi-psychedelia with their Love Being video for Citizen Bird’s Joy…you can download it from Coke’s The m5 design project.

The Coke collaboration is intra-ironic, given TDR’s earlier Work Buy Consume Die pastiche of the Pepsi logo. The m5 project also includes contributions from LOBO, MK12, Caviar and Tennant McKay/REX.

NightmodeTDR’s also designed a very cool limited edition ‘M5′ bottle along with tees, posters, figurines and an iPod shuffle case…’when retro is done right, it looks more modern than the moment from which it was created’.

Wow – I’d almost forgotten how much I loved TDR’s work…one day I’ll get me one of those screen prints 🙂

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