ITP Spring Show 2007

ItpWatch out for the Spring Show of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, beginning tommorow.

I asked Raffi if I could come along a few months ago, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it 🙁 However, Mohsin‘s extending his TO+NYC trip by a few days so he can get to the show and also meet Raffi.

I’ll have to be content with Leeds Met’s Innovation North showcase…in the meantime, here’re my favorites…

  • 888-iPLATEu – license plate numbers as communication identifiers.
  • Better Bin – visualising how many trees are saved by recycling.
  • bottleHunt – an ARG, based on finding messages in bottles.
  • Capture the Corporation – using cameraphones to find out more about brands.
  • Clock-Talk – smart clocks that marshall other appliances eveyr morning.
  • Cousteau – experimenting with proximity based UIs.
  • Distributed Surveillance Company – CCTV monitored by millions of users.
  • Door Secure – a security camera that only powers up when needed.
  • Fairy At The Night – fairies, only visible in the dark 🙂
  • Feel The Sound – sound recogniser for the hard of hearing (interesting transcoding of senses…)
  • Hypershelf – digitally connecting related, physical, books with each other.
  • imPulse – sharing heartbeats intimately over wireless networks.
  • Intimate Game Controllers -games played by couples touching each other.
  • Language Dialer – turns phones into mics for anyone wishing practice conversations in any language.
  • LettrWritr – w letter writing application that transcribes and sends message by post.
  • Live Action Prototyping – using Second Life to produce movie pre-visualisations.
  • MobileVoices – platforms for anonymous citizen media in the developing world.
  • Networked Byte Organ – ever wondered what the network sounds like?
  • News Brews – an novel way to ‘digest the day’s news’ 😉
  • plaYard – 3D space modelling application for the home.
  • Portel -handsets for quadriplegics and people with restricted hand movement.
  • ShiftSpace – ThirdVoice-like service to overlay  annotations onto live sites….couldn’t you just Greasemonkey URL data into a page?
  • Wireless Power Monitoring – wirelessly aggregating data from several electricity monitoring devices in the home.

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