Google 2.0

Googleredux "What Google does not do well is apply design appropriately to its search engine interface. Other online application interfaces from Google are often done rather well, or at least not too badly. The search engine page, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Mind you, weโ€™re talking about the most successful search tool on the Web. But it is no stretch to observe that the design of this page is pretty bad." – Google Redux by Andy Rutledge

Nice, but I disagree. Google may lack the aesthetic polish of other web designs, but if design is about solving a user’s problems, then Google is the epitome of great design, simply giving the user what’s neccessary to get them to where they’re going, no more and no less and getting out of the way…it’s practically invisible.

[ Thanks Samira ๐Ÿ™‚ ]


  1. I completely agree, at the end of the day for Google, it is all about functionality. It does what is needed, it’s just simply not necessary to add other features so that’s why I think Google have gone for the simplistic approach.


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