First You Google, But Then What?

Ask and you shall receive (something)Plum’s Hans Peter Brondmo outlined his views on collecting almost anything, sharing it and then connecting it to others in order to discover. Brondmo sees this as a solution to search results that can overwhelm the user with choice.

Plum appears to be a web-based clipboard, where clips can extend to data and people – ostensibly this doesn’t appear to do anything that, Scuttle or our very own Plasma and Klippr do not already do.

Plum does include some interesting features such as

  • integration with iTunes. Skype
  • Views – collections can be rendered as blogs and other layout formats.
  • Storing actual fragments of pages, rather than just URLs or thumbnails.

Brondmo went on to announce the launch of a developer API (written in the last three days!)  and invited the audience to embrace the APIs and extend Plum into new application areas.


  1. Thanks Imran for the review,
    I would be very curious to try it out, but they are in private beta today.
    Did you get an invite?

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