Ever Wanted To Be Somewhere Else?

Woah. Is this what would happen if Charlie Kaufmann was writing videogames? Valve‘s Portal looks like a physics-mashing blend of Being John Malkovich and the ACME Portable Hole; the trailer is even reminiscent of the movie’s LesterCorp orientation films.

I’ve been very critical of the state of innovation in the games industry, but it seems as though novel and original ideas are starting to break through; notably on the PC platform and the emergence of episodic games. Recent months have seen the release of Jenova Chen’s Flow thesis and Rag Doll Kung Fu. Let’s hope PS3 and Wii can keep up the trend for originality.

And remember, There’s A Hole In The Sky Through Which Things Can Fly.


  1. Thats an amazing game. Despite the fact that it is a sort of mini-game intended to come bundled with other games, it is very enjoyable and versatile.
    I’d definitely recommend tryin this game.


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