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  • Ray Kurzwell – yes Ray Kurzwell – has been added to the roster of speakers for Newcastle’s Thinking Digital in May. I don’t think the Singularity will emerge from the North East, but it’s possible to argue that Newcastle United players are transhuman 😉 Oh yeah, <coughs> Greg Dyke too.
  • Media Lab Europe lives! MLE alumni, Stefan Agamanolis – and leader of its Human Connectedness group –  relaunched much of MLE’s philosophy in the ‘Highlands & Islands‘ as the Distance Lab.
    OK, it’s waaaaay North, but it still counts 🙂

    Distance Lab has apparently been
    around a couple years, but I’m ashamed to admit I only discovered it today – thanks to Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. Stefan oversaw some of my favourite projects at MLE, including Desktop Subversibles, iCom and tunA and I’m sure the new lab will be doing equally great things. I always thought Negroponte picked the wrong country for MLE – the UK was a better home…though I woulda argued for Leeds or Manchester 😉


  1. edocr has joined Sun StartUp Essential Programme, Sun Partner Advantage Programme (with a view to developing a product on Solaris) and StartUp Camp. As you know I am heavily involved with the programme and has been a keen promoter from the days of forming the concept in the UK.
    We also have setup a special interest group pre and post event collaboration at edocr http://www.edocr.com/group/london-startup-camp-2008
    Need lot more support to make this group work.
    And many thanks for your support for the event last night and finally attend one of my gigs. Hope to see you more often in Manchester.
    Best regards Manoj


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