Google 2.0

"What Google does not do well is apply design appropriately to its search engine interface. Other online application interfaces from Google are often done rather well, or at least not too badly. The search engine page, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Mind you, we’re talking about the most successful search tool on the […]

Where 2.0

With it’s AJAX-ian user interface, remixable maps and numerous mashups and spinoffs, Google Maps kickstarted the current wave of innovation in UI design and locative media. MSN and Yahoo predicatably leapt into the fray with their own competing services, however it’s worth keeping an eye on old standards like Multimap. Following a link inside a […]


Perfect. DENIM is an application that lets designers literally sketch a site structure, informally, with some conditional logic and at varying levels of abstraction. DENIM fills a huge gap in the web creative’s arsenal of tools – Dreamweaver does’nt need more fancy widgets…it needs integrated, iterative tools like DENIM enabling the designer to sketch, refine […]


Following a link from Fiona, I found that the lovely, simple and intuitive designs of Rollyo, Odeo and other recent startups were all undertaken by the same agency, SimpleBits. The SimpleBits site includes the founder, Dan Cederholms’, blog, his publications, four lovingly crafted sets of icons and of course a portfolio of work. Expect to […]