Your Social Graph Is Autistic

Much has been made of social graphs as filters for discovering new content, to the extent that many are now challenging the view that a social filter is even remotely indicative of interest – "…who you know doesn't always translate into what you like" I'm not convinced that there's such a thing as an "interest […]


A pair of recent articles – Scott Brown's Facebook Friendonomics and Mashable's 12 Great Tales of De-Friending – have raised some interesting questions on the longevity and sustainability of relationships established within social networks. Brown speculates around the problematic notion of never losing touch with anyone in environments such as Facebook. Most notably losing the […]

Murdoch buys

Cait says… The news that Mr Murdoch has invested $580 million basically to purchase highlights once again that this is the space to be playing in. Murdoch’s advisors have been wise enough to recognise that the riches here are to be made in purchasing an existing community, with a proven track record of sticky, […]

Folksonomies and tagsonomies continue to inspire new services with the launch of – which, ironically, I discovered from Joshua Schacter’s bookmarks! lets users compile a wishlist of tagged items that they’d like to receive as gifts. Their lists can be kept private or shared using RSS and limited social network features…I inaugurated […]