Zibahkhana: 28 Samosa Later….

Awesome! Pakistan’s first extreme horror movie has just been BoingBoing-ed and my mind is reeling with punchlines and wisecracks. But, I’m kinda disappointed that the victims are expendable teens and not my home country’s crazy imams, power-hungry generals, CIA agents and the corrupted gentry…now wouldn’t that be subversive…allies in a War On Horror! Anyways, here’re […]

Musharrafadama – Separated At Birth?

It’s not just the moustache and glasses, President Pervez Musharraf and Admiral William Adama have quite a few things in common… — Both led coup attempts against their civilian governments. Both men arrested and imprisoned their presidents, later granting them amnesty. Each has an uneasy alliance with an perceived enemy. Both are sceptical of religious […]


My Dad just told me Pakistan’s first astronaut, Namira Salim, would be flying with NASA in 2009. I quipped ‘only if she’s not carrying any liquids, gels, shampoos or lip gloss‘. However upon closer examination, the story is sadly not of a Pakistani scientist or engineer reaching the pinnacle of her career, but simply the […]