Your Social Graph Is Autistic

Much has been made of social graphs as filters for discovering new content, to the extent that many are now challenging the view that a social filter is even remotely indicative of interest – "…who you know doesn't always translate into what you like" I'm not convinced that there's such a thing as an "interest […]

Mixed Reality & Exploring Deep Place

In recent weeks I’ve been thinking that a confluence of innovations could begin to usher in an era of mixed reality and augmented reality applications… Together, Google’s APIs for mobile maps and mobile search provide a ubiquitous substrate for locative media. Phones & cell networks  are now capable of multiple methods of locating themselves – […]

Blogger’s Guilt…

So, it’s been almost two months since I posted for O’Reilly and Corante, so I figured I should pull my finger out… Haptic Messaging Phones Are People Too Over The Air Talktiva See you in October 😉

Corante: Mobile Messaging 2.0

I just finished up my first trio of posts for Corante and Airwide’s Mobile Messaging 2.0 blog Locative Messaging and MIT’s Mobile Experience Lab ITP Spring Show 2007 Twittularity I’ll also be covering the Global Messaging 2007 conference for Corante next week, in Monte Carlo 🙂

The Next Billion

When considering social software, we tend to conceive of software that is a filtered aggregation of individuated and personalised experiences. Nokia’s Jan Chipchase and Indri Tulusan reframe this perception by asking what happens when people share an object that is inherently designed for personal use? There’s a lotta talk about the ‘next billion’ mobile customers, […]