A pair of recent articles – Scott Brown's Facebook Friendonomics and Mashable's 12 Great Tales of De-Friending – have raised some interesting questions on the longevity and sustainability of relationships established within social networks. Brown speculates around the problematic notion of never losing touch with anyone in environments such as Facebook. Most notably losing the […]


One of the things I love about my Mac is the  ‘All Windows’ feature of Exposé. I’ve gotten into the habit of squeezing my Mighty Mouse‘s side buttons to invoke Exposé, but y’know that’s only for application windows. With most of my day spend inside various web applications, what’d I’d find really useful is for […]

The Next Billion

When considering social software, we tend to conceive of software that is a filtered aggregation of individuated and personalised experiences. Nokia’s Jan Chipchase and Indri Tulusan reframe this perception by asking what happens when people share an object that is inherently designed for personal use? There’s a lotta talk about the ‘next billion’ mobile customers, […]

Where 2.0

With it’s AJAX-ian user interface, remixable maps and numerous mashups and spinoffs, Google Maps kickstarted the current wave of innovation in UI design and locative media. MSN and Yahoo predicatably leapt into the fray with their own competing services, however it’s worth keeping an eye on old standards like Multimap. Following a link inside a […]