Where 2.0

With it’s AJAX-ian user interface, remixable maps and numerous mashups and spinoffs, Google Maps kickstarted the current wave of innovation in UI design and locative media. MSN and Yahoo predicatably leapt into the fray with their own competing services, however it’s worth keeping an eye on old standards like Multimap. Following a link inside a […]

Stamen Design

Yesterday, I met Mike Migurski and Eric Rodenback, the people behind San Francisco’s Stamen Design. Stamen is the company behind innovative visualisations of digital media, including the Flickr-powered Mappr, reBlog and the del.icio.us-based Vox Delicii. Stamen has an interesting philosophy, mixing innovative work for clients such as MoveOn.org, BMW and the BBC with experimental visualisations […]

Designing from the outside in

"Isn’t it curious how many of the applications and ideas getting the most buzz right now are coming from fertile collaborations between designers and developers?". He’s right. Tim O’Reilly attempts to deconstruct some of this relationship with 37signal’s Jason Fried here… Fried’s own advice is to "Start with the UI – there’s nothing functional, about […]