Save To… the Cloud?

A couple of years ago, my good friend Ian Pringle wrote about the anachronistic persistence of a floppy disc icon to indicate a save command. Ian noted that the notion of ‘saving’ in an age of web applications is itself an absurd notion and that state is perhaps more appropriate – recording a temporal snapshot […]

The Tango Project

The Tango Project is a collaborative effort of a variety of free/open-source software designers and artists to work towards unifying the visual style of the free (mostly Linux) desktop…so far Tango have published a style guide and a set of base icon library.

Unfortunate Graphics…

What should the Federal Emergency Management Agency really have done during Hurricane Katrina? Jon Stewart suggests the answer may lie in an unfortunate graphic on the official FEMA website showing the key stages of FEMA deployment, beginning with Disaster and leading ultimately to, um Disaster…a perfect example of Policy By Powerpoint. If you want to […]

Round The World

The Energy Clinic’s home page depicts a map of the world as a simple cluster of overlapping circles… a simple, lovely, abstracted graphic of a well known image 🙂

Designers Galactic Republic

The European Space Agency recently commissioned The Designers Republic to create an ident for its Music2Titan project. Evidently, ESA-mission.heads were inspired by  tDR’s Wipeout team patches 😉 The Cassini-Huygens probe will carry a four-track CD to Saturn’s moon Titan ‘for intergalactic and himan audiences.’ iTunes users can listen to Music2Titan at their local store…